The Key Benefits of Principle Brand Financing

The provision of finance to fund the implementation of your brand to a new retail or showroom environment is a unique offer from Principle, and as such provides a range of key benefits:
  • An amalgamation of design, architecture and the ultimate implementation of brand and CI initiatives.
    A funded one-stop design to delivery process.
  • The ability to quickly roll-out new concepts or refresh existing concepts.
    Your retail environment can be transformed quicker than is usually the case.
  • Assisting you to sell more.
    With the capital barrier to brand implementation removed, you can react much quicker to new product launches or adopt a change to your retailing strategy by making it easy to implement retail environment improvements.
  • The brand owner retains much greater control over the brand asset.
    The flexibility of ownership at the end of the finance term allows brand owners to own the assets and be in control of changes to the retail network.
  • The ability for the brand owner to turn CI and brand investment into a profit opportunity.
    The structure of the funding allows the brand owner to turn capital investment projects into profit which frees up funds for new developments.
  • Takes away the up-front cost of design development and professional fees.
    The finance includes everything involved in design development of a retail environment by passing costs through the finance to the retailer.
  • The costs for the funding of the finance are minimal, or even cost neutral.
    The joining together of implementation through a single supply base, even when external suppliers to Principle are included, allows for much more competitive products through enhanced volumes and more efficient delivery. In most cases the cost is neutral after finance interest. 
  • No administration costs.
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