The Challenges of Rolling Out a New or Updated Brand

One of the key challenges in rolling out a new corporate identity or brand components, or indeed simply refreshing an existing retailer operated environment is capital cost.

The manufacturer can often invest in great products that are market leading, but the retail environment, and the way the products are sold, is critical to achieving sales success to the benefit of the manufacturer and the retailer. 

To implement a new retail or showroom concept, and all of the key building refurbishment work, furniture, signs and brand components, represents a major capital outlay, usually for the retailer and often without subsidy from the manufacturer.

The ‘Catch 22’ is that without increased sales there is often no budget for capital spend to refurbish the environment and implement the key elements of the brand, yet without this there are less opportunities to generate the additional sales and revenue to allow the investment to take place. 

This is a common challenge faced by manufacturers when looking to achieve greater market share. The end result is usually a very slow implementation of updates, and a missed opportunity to create impact and, in turn, generate additional sales.

The initiative we provide through Principle Brand Financing aims to resolve this issue of funding to allow changes to be implemented quickly. For the retailer, early adoption of a new retail concept provides for an exciting customer journey and increased sales, for the manufacturer it ensures early compliance with new or updated brand and retailing standards. 

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